Alchemy of Aging - Optimizing Life Through the Years
Are You Optimizing Your Life?
Alchemy of Wellness signals a bright new beginning for people who are seeking resolution to many of life’s obstacles.   
Alchemy of Aging works with individuals, families and groups in the New York Metro through Hudson Valley region.  Our teleseminars, workshops, coaching and public speaking touch people throughout the United States…and, often beyond.
If you are like many others, you are facing challenges and issues that make you question your work/career goals and direction; nature of your relationships with friends, family and community, and often, an overarching if silently pondered question,
“Is this as good as it gets?” 
What’s a smart, capable, person supposed to do when we need to discover ourselves anew or perhaps know that we need to "meet" ourselves perhaps for the very first time?
You can thrive more than just survive, if you are willing to take a leap of faith and face your questions, disappointments, confusion, fear and anxiety. Aspects of your life that have become your frequent, if unwanted, companions . You can discover new avenues to explore; new relationships that bring deep satisfaction; and changed ways of sharing our gifts at work, in relationship and in community.
To successfully negotiate life's trials often entails a 5-step process:
Accept that life has changed and no amount of fighting or denying it will change that fact.
Assess and evaluate where you currently are in the 4 aspects of your life:
  1. Self Awareness, self-knowledge, coming to terms
  2. Work/Career/Avocation
  3. Relationships – past and present
  4. Spiritual– moving from the head to the heart
Determine which areas continue to provide meaning and satisfaction and acknowledge others that contribute…well, not so much.
Develop a life continuum plan aimed towards full engagement
Implement new strategies, learn new skills, expand your curiosity, find your passion, be on-purpose.
    Our clients who implement this approach are seeing their sense of meaning deepen; the quality of their relationships becoming increasingly rich and sustaining; and their work, experience and wisdom become transformative in their own lives as well as the lives of others. Most importantly they feel truly authentic as they live their lives.
    These benefits, often hard fought for, sustain and strengthen us for the years ahead. 
    Leslie Malin, LCSW, ACSW, has worked with individuals, families and organizations since 1978 to optimize:
    • life satisfaction
    • meaning and purpose at work, at home, and in community
    • authentic relationships that are  emotionally, spiritually, & intellectually sustaining.
    We have a solid record of success that has changed how people live their lives, engage in their work, face challenges, and share their wisdom. We can make a difference for you as well.
    Please browse this web site for detailed information on how you can benefit and find the answers that you seek.
    they face: 
    Are You at Optimal Health?
    So many of us are significantly overweight and suffering from ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high glucose levels not to mention all the other illnesses that are become more likely with being overweight.  Did you know that there many cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and others are directly linked to obesity? That your risk of a heart attack or stroke are increased many fold by being over weight? 
    Weight control was an issue for ME as well!  Until I found Take Shape for Life™ (TSFL)- a Bio-Network that offers a comprehensive support system that surrounds people with the tools they need to reach Optimal Health:
    • A Dedicated FREE Health Coach! The essential element that can help you just just lose weight but keep it off for life!
    • Medifast 5 &1 Plan (5 Medifast meals and One Lean & Green Meal; Core weight loss program;Support for Healthy Habits
    • Habits of Health System
    • Virtual Clinic -Weekly Doctor and Nurse Calls, Nutrition Support, Habits of Health Maintenance calls
    • Be Slim Club - Supports Optimal health for the long term; Member Savings and Rewards
    I have lost over 40 pounds in 5 months and have never felt better!  Not only do I look good again in clothiers and have far more energy but my doctor is over the moon with the results that I have achieved! 
    I have been so impressed with the results and how easy and , yes, even pleasurable it has been that I decided to become a TSFL Health Coach myself so I can offer you all the amazing benefits of health that I have received. 
    Go to my TSFL Coaching website:
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